CSE 5334: Data Mining

Section 002, Spring 2015

TuTh 2:00PM - 3:20PM, PKH 321

As the instructor for this course, I reserve the right to adjust this schedule in any way that serves the educational needs of the students enrolled in this course.
--Saravanan Thirumuruganathan

Date Day Topic Slides
20-JanTue Logistics, Introduction to IPython notebooks, Scientific Python and Socrative [PDF]
22-JanThu Introduction to Data Visualization [PDF]
27-JanTue Principles of Data Visualization [PDF]
29-JanThu Data Collection and Munging [PDF] [IPynb]
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3-FebTue Exploratory Data Analysis [IPynb]
5-FebThu Intro to Classification, Nearest Neighbor classifier [PDF]
10-FebTue Decision Trees [PDF]
12-FebThu Linear Regression, Regression Trees [PDF]
17-FebTue Probabilistic Classifiers, Naive Bayes, SVM and Kernels [PDF]
19-FebThu Catchup
24-FebTue UTA Closed due to Snow!
26-FebThu Model Evaluation [PDF]
3-MarTue K-Means Clustering [PPT]
5-MarThu UTA Closed due to Snow!
10-MarTue No Class - Spring Break
12-MarThu No Class - Spring Break
17-MarTue Hierarchical Clustering Same as K-Means
19-MarThu Frequent Itemsets and Association Rule Mining [PPT]
24-MarTue Midterm
26-MarThu Search Engine Basics: Answering Keyword queries [PDF]
31-MarTue Search Engine Basics: Link Analysis [PDF1]   [PDF2]
2-AprThu Search Engine Basics: Computational Advertising [PDF]
7-AprTue Recommender Systems I: Collaborative Filtering [PDF]
9-AprThu Recommender Systems II: Matrix Factorization based approaches, RecSys in Netflix Same as above
14-AprTue Dimensionality Reduction: PCA, LSH [PDF]
16-AprThu Ensemble Learning: Bagging (Random Forest), Boosting (AdaBoost, Boosted Decision trees) [PDF]
21-AprTue Feature Selection, Model Comparison [PDF]
23-AprThu Neural Networks [PDF]
24-AprFri Deep Learning [ConvNets PDF]   [PDF]
28-AprTue Sampling, Resampling and Bootstrapping, Monte Carlo simulations [PDF]
30-AprThu Modern Data Mining Software Stack: MapReduce [PDF]
5-MayTue Model testing on Web - A/B, Bucket testing, Hypothesis testing [PDF]   [SlideShare]
7-MayThu Data Mining: Tips and Tricks
12-MayTue Final Exam, 2-4:30 PM